Saturday, 28 January 2012

Waffle Socks

So, about a week after I finished the first sock, I have also finished the second sock. Yay!

But also, it was all a bit of a pain. Not because of the amazing pattern, but because I am a lazy numpty. Basically, I a) couldn't be bothered to go out and by more yarn. So I used some from my stash which I knew would be b) impossible to get a pair out of since I only had half a skein of and even then I didn't c) decide to do parts of it in another colour, like a normal person would. So when I d) ran out of wool while doing the foot on the second sock, I didn't e) try and figure out which colour would work best for the rest of it. No instead I f) used so random wool that was floating around in my room, which g) looked rubbish, and h) wasn't even the same weight as the other wool. Eventually I frogged that and i) used some left over grey wool which turned out fine:

They are only for me anyway, and I'll just wear them around the house and under boots, so it won't be a problem... just kind of silly... Oh well.


  1. They look pretty good for having run out of yarn. I'll bet that they are super warm too : )

  2. Yeah it is all just so quotable!
    I really like your socks with the extra color! I think the grey adds some character to them.

  3. These look so warm and comfortable! Good job! I like the random patch of colour.


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  5. Your wall looks fab! love the socks too ! x