Monday, 9 April 2012

I'm moving to New York, cause I've got problems with my sleep

Everything's been crazy for the last month, hence the whole cyber absence (I'm sure everyone really noticed and missed me ;))

In the last month, I've had mocks, random house guests, relative house guests, an exchange, and a week in New York.

New York was brilliant, especially since I hadn't been there ever, so everything was new and exciting and I could be a totally cheesy tourist. Also, my exchange group had a barbie that we took pictures of everywhere. Isn't she awesome?

My exchange, Amrita, also got me hooked on strawberry milk. So I've been drinking that, procrasinating and not revising for my Maths GCSE and end of year exams, and not doing too much crafty fun stuff, so I haven't had much to post of late... The only creative thing I've done lately is sketch. And those are awful and I refuse to share! 

Anyway. All of this to try to prove to myself I haven't abandoned this blog entirely and also to inform you all that I'm currently trying to figure out how to move to NYC.