Wednesday, 1 February 2012

WIP Wednesday: Lavender Lace Socks

After finishing my first pair of socks for the year, and being ahead of target for my 6 in 2012 sock challenge, I took a day to rest, and then I started my next pair (Actually, I just needed to go get the wool for the second pair but whatever.) Anyway. The pattern I am using is Carpe Diem and it is probably the nicest sock pattern I have ever seen.

I haven't got far yet (there was a bit of frogging and re-doing and stopping and getting confused at the beginning) but I am really happy with how they look at the moment.

Also, this is the first time I have done Lace stuff before, so that's exciting. And also, this should be my first pair of 4 ply socks finished (I made one sock for my friend last year... I still have to get around to the second pair. It will happen Georgie, I promise)

And other stuff that is happening, I hit 500 pounds for my world challenge, which was a huge deal for me. Not quite as impressive admittedly as Lucy's 1000 pounds but you know... She is just too amazing. Also, I got my Care Package from my friend Haley. Ah. I am still smiling, four hours after opening it. It is the best thing ever, so much better than the one I sent her. She is amazing too. Why do I know so many amazing people? It's kind of intimidating...

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  1. Sounds like you are certainly keeping busy! That sock pattern looks lovely, there is nothing better than knitting a pair of new socks.