Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Lightening Scar

So the final thing for my friend's care package:

It is just a super simple headband I made watching TV, but I think it's quite cute all the same, even if a little useless. It's the second one I have made like it, although the first one didn't have a scar on it.

Right so, I am going to tell you how I made it, even if you don't care, cause other wise this post will be sure short and not at all useful/have a point. Which wouldn't be a change but whatever.

Alright, so I used size five needles, and some red heart wool that claims to be DK but is totally not, and way more like 10/12 ply. I cast on 12 stitches, and just knit it like this:

First row: knit 
Second row: k2, p8, k2

And repeat, so you end up with a garter stitch border and stockinette stitch otherwise. And then I made myself a chart for the scar:

Which is super lamely coloured in, cause Paint was being stupid, and also I was too lazy to do it properly. Oh well.

Now I can't wait to mail this package! (Ugh, why is everything closed on Sunday, my only day off!)

In other news, John Green's new book came out, and I am trying to figure out how long it will take to get here from the US...


  1. That is super cute! Your friend will love it for sure : )

  2. I have to try and make one of these!

  3. Hehe that is really cool. I like how you charted the intarsia design and everything :D
    On a side note you should definitely try knitting earmuffs because: I have been trying to make a pattern and I can't because...I can't do {that stuff} and you seem to be better at {that stuff} than me. And then after you make them you can tell me how to make them. :D :D

    ~ Kelsey

  4. this is so cool!