Sunday, 11 December 2011

Thoughts about Knitting

So I love knitting. No actually, it's really fun and all. But sometimes if kinda gets me down. Cause it's like, oh hey guys! Take a look at my deformed sock made of super expensive wool that has taken me hours and is still not that pretty.

And my friends are like, 'Oh, our friend who will be an old cat lady as soon as she can pass for over twenty.' They think the knitting thing is pretty funny. Unless I do it in public, in which case they are like:

'Emmmaaa. Put it away, ugh, you are soo embarrassing!' and they sorta sound like kids with embarrassing parents. I would be a great embarrassing parent. That is plan b, if the whole old cat lady thing doesn't work out.

So while that is all fun, it is a bit sad that when I am casually stalking my friends friends youtube accounts (okay, the fact that I do that is admittedly a little sad) and it's suddenly like, wow, this person can SING. and they are FUNNY. and guess what, they are also PRETTY. and turns out they have a VERY COOL room.

and I am still sitting here with my slightly deformed sock.

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  1. Hahahaha this was really funny. And I can totally relate, because all of my friends call me a little old lady for knitting, and the only one who truly appreciates my skill (which is not great) is my little brother, who thinks I am like a wizard because I can create things out of just string and sticks of wood.
    So, you know, you can impress thirteen-year-old boys with your knitting skillz, if that counts for anything :)