Saturday, 3 December 2011

All This Rubbish

November is honestly the worst time of the year, I think. Appart from maybe Febuary which I also hate. Not that that is the point right now.
Anyway, I hate Novemeber. I always have too many tests at school, I start freaking out about christmas presents but feel its too early to actually start getting them, it gets dark early, rowing becomes too cold to bare and the list honestly could go on for ever.
Last year, I did Nanowrimo. And I didn't hate Novemeber that year, mainly I know because I was just too busy and tired to bother hating anything. This year my Nano did better in most respects. I finished ten days early, I wrote something that didn't involve talking chickens. All good stuff like that.
Now though, I am finished and bored and back to hating November.
To distract myself, I have been looking up nice knitting patterns which I will (never get around to) make for gifts this year.

Is that not the most amazing hat? It's a free pattern on Ravelry, and I am in love.
Of course, 5.5 DPNs are proving impossible to find, so I am having to work on that first...
Once that is sorted though, I will be knitting away. In the mean time, I should really sort out my Nano.

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