Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Now That That Is All Over...

So I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and you were all able to spend time with your families and friends and stuff, and also on a more materialistic note, you got cool presents :)

I am happy to say that my Christmas was great. My family managed to avoid any major disagreements, and I got great presents to boot.

Now that it's all over however, I am starting to get excited/worried about the new year. Last night (technically this morning actually, it was really late) I started making a list with my friend. I am currently at ten so... Looks like I will have a busy year ahead of me.

Also, I started thinking about this past year, and Sophia (who sold cookies with me earlier) showed me this video.

As I find posts without pictures look a tad sad, here are some the crafty gifts that were given in my family this christmas:

The bottom two, I made. The scarf for my sister, and the hat for my brother. The top (very impressive hat) my mum made for my dad. My sister also made from the same pattern for my dad, and both rather outshone mine stuff...

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  1. Very pretty!!!<3 that hat is really amazing & that scarf is lovely :D
    following you! x