Friday, 16 December 2011

2012 Diaries

Last week, I wrote about my Poundland Presents. Wednesday night, I finally finished them (and oh my goodness they took ages. It got kind of annoying...)

So these are the five that I got done. They were super easy (although, I am seriously not joking when I say you better not underestimate how long they will take you to do.)

I mostly used magazines and newspapers. Actually, I mainly used stylist and style, because I love the layout and design they have, and also they are free (yeah, them being free is nice...) Anyway. I cut out the cut/pretty/interesting bits, and also any deep quotes that I found. Another great thing about these magazines was that they had really cool titles that worked well for spines. (see picture below)

I arranged all the little bits (some of which I had also printed off) on the books, and stuck them on with PVA. Which was much easier when I got some proper glue. Word of warning, don't use any of that school glue that has been in your cupboard since you started reception. It will be gloppy and cause you to go insane. I speak from experience.
So, stick pieces of paper on with glue, and then cover in that plastic stuff. Now, I don't know what it is called aren't I super helpful?) but it is that clear plastic sheet stuff that is sticky on one side. You can get it anywhere, and it means that the paper won't rip off the books straight away (cause that would be sad.)

And here is a picture of three of the ones I finished. It's only here cause I am really proud of them :)


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