Sunday, 5 February 2012

Mars Bar Squares

So, more baking, more fundraising, more squares. I know, boring, whatever.

Anyway, earlier in the week I made Mars Bar Squares, which I have to say are pretty much the best thing ever, although Lucy disagreed ('Emma, they have chocolate' 'And?' 'And I don't like chocolate' 'YOU WHAT?!?') So that was my shock realisation of the week. I mean, who doesn't like chocolate?

Anyway, these yummy squares are sticking to my ridiculously easy non-baking thing that I have going on. They came out of a book compiled by my grandmother's friends of sandwiches and squares (which has incidently become my favourite cook book. I promise you need nothing else in life. Except tea is nice occasionally)

Okay, for the first bit:
Four chopped Mars Bars
1/2 cup of Butter
3 cup Rice Krispies

Melt butter and Mars Bars on a low heat, mix well with a whisk. Turn off heat and mix in krispies. Press into lined pan. (Also, here's the bit where I tell you that the measurements could actually not matter less. I used about five cups of cereal and five chocolate bars and it was fine.)

And then, heat until melted:
1 cup of chocolate
1/4 cup of butter

And spread over the bottom layer. Then put it in the fridge to set, and cut into squares. And then, you know, eat them.

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  1. Oh they look really yummy! Might try making them during half term :D